How can I use IceHoldz™ on my home climbing wall?
Ice Holdz can easily be mounted on to any indoor climbing wall and interspersed among rock holds simulating a mixed route setting. Ice- Holdz™ are available in many shapes and sizes, from the smallest “Splatz & Blobz” to our largest of the "Himalayan Series", including our ceiling and incline mounted "Icicle Series". IceHoldz™ require anywhere from 1 to 4 bolts with the exception of the Splatz & Blobz series which require only 4 wood screws. Most IceHoldz™ come with slotted bolt holes for ease of installation. For those with fiberglass walls, simply mount IceHoldz™ onto a plywood back plate and and attach the plywood to the wall using one or more bolts.  To see the variety of IceHoldz™ available, please visit our on-line store.
What is the useful life of IceHoldz™?
Feedback has shown that IceHoldz™ can withstand at least 12 to 18 months of nominal use.  All wall and incline mounted IceHoldz™ can be rotated when one side becomes a bit worn from months of climbing. If after substantial use, your IceHoldz™ is in need of replacement due to maximum wear and tear, the shell may be returned to Off-Belay, LLC for recycling where you'll be given a credit toward the purchase of another shell. Off-Belay, on occasion, will sell refurbished shells at a greatly discounted price. Check our on-line store for refurbished IceHoldz™ availability by going to our
'Refurbish Bin'.
What are the benefits of climbing indoors on IceHoldz™?
Climbing on IceHoldz™ indoor ice climbing holds allows the climber to practice skills and techniques necessary to efficiently climb outdoor ice. IceHoldz™ are designed with features for ample dry-tooling capabilities. Ice climbing competitors training on IceHoldz™ gain the benefits of being able to 'hit the ice' without having to travel the distance. The best way to gear up for this winter's outdoor ice is by climbing year round on IceHoldz™!
Is this a 'green' product?
Off-Belay recycles all used IceHoldz™. We are also currently looking into using a composite of new and recycled materials for IceHoldz™.
Is there any warranty offered with the purchase of IceHoldz™?
Refer to Section 7 & 8 of the User Manual for more detailed information regarding returns and warranties.

Download our User Manual.


How are IceHoldz™ indoor ice climbing holds
different from other indoor ice climbing products?

Most indoor ice climbing gyms offer styrofoam walls as
their training ground. These styrofoam walls do very little for improving one's ice climbing techniques. Penetration of an ice axe on a styrofoam wall is very different from that of real outdoor ice. IceHoldz™ are made of a proprietary composite plastic shell filled with a unique glacier blue backing that when combined actually mimic the properties of real water ice, including hardness and penetration. When climbing on real water ice, you only need a 1/4 inch pick penetration for secure placement - the same is true of IceHoldz™.

(This is our "Splatz & Blobz-03" hold)
IceHoldz™ are evaluated and tested by real ice climbers allowing us to make the best product possible.
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