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• IceHoldz™ were used on the finals comp route for 'ICE NIGHT' November 2009 at The Rock Climbing Gym in Monument, Colorado. IceHoldz™ athlete Gord McArthur took a solid 1st place finish along with IceHoldz™ athletes Andres Marin and Marc Beverly taking 2nd and 3rd.  This is what Alex had to say:

"We received the IceHoldz™, which were used to set our "finals" route. I previewed the route after setting it. The IceHoldz work awesome. Swing too light and your tool bounces off, too hard and you spend all your energy getting your tool out...just like real ice.”

• Read the independent review published in Rock and Ice Magazine (March 2009) where IceHoldz™ received four out of five stars.

• The Denver Mountaineering Examiner had this to say about IceHoldz:

• The United States Navy Special Warfare Operations is using IceHoldz™ for training at their Virginia Beach facility.

• IceHoldz™ attended the past three IMCS Mount Washington Valley Ice Festivals, held each February in North Conway, New Hampshire where the pros have a face-off with five lucky climbers chosen from the draw of a hat. The competition route consists of a mixed route with IceHoldz™. You can read more by going to the icefest blog found at

• "BTW - We put up a route last night using our new IceHoldz™. They are pretty cool. If you haven't tried them before I think you'll like them. Make sure your tools are sharp!"
Clay on forum, Nov 2008

• “Very nice feel, sticks well and has good release.”
Eddie, Age 47 from NM

• “Good for mixed routes.”
Lorin, Age 52 from UT

• “It felt a lot like perfect ice.”
Travis, Age 25 from CO

• “Very useful for training!”
Vihver, Age 38 from Chamonix, France

The best way to gear up for this winter's outdoor ice is by climbing year round on IceHoldz™!
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